• Human hair wig - 1421.00

Human hair wig - 1421.00

How many colors do you want? 1 color
Choose your color Black
Hair length in cm: 50 (550)
How thick do you want your hair to be? 120 - 130 % (371)
Choose your mesh color Light
Which cap do you want ? Mesh cap with adjustable strap at back
(Optional) Cap with combs Yes [Cap with combs] (75)
(Optional) Silk top Yes [Silk Top] (75)
Head Circumference 54
From Hairline (Forehead) to Hairline (Neck) 36
Ear to Ear am Hairline (forehead) along 30
Ear to ear across the head 31
Temple to temple across the back of the head 37
Width of the hairline at the nape 12
  • €1.421,00