• Human hair wig - 1046.00

Human hair wig - 1046.00

How many colors do you want? 2 colors
Choose your first color Light brown
Choose your second color Brown
Dark roots option Brown [Brown] x1 (75)
Hair length in cm: 25 (470)
How dense should yours Be hairy? 100 - 110 % (151)
Choose your mesh color Dark brown
Which cap do you want? Mesh cap
(Optional) Cap with Combs No
(Optional) Silk Top No
Head Circumference 56
From Hairline (Forehead) to Hairline ( Neck) 36
Ear to ear along the hairline (forehead) 31.5
Ear to ear across the head 32
From temple to temple across the back of the head 39
Hairline width at nape 6
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